of Montreal goes a-busking in Londontown

CMJ crowds bow out
October 27, 2008
“Black Cab” in a black cab
October 30, 2008

Montreal in Londontown

Lounging on green-striped lawn furniture, of Montreal was spotted last week busking at the park in London. They traded the hyper-knenetic stage set complete with dancing golden buddhas and tigers fights for two acoustic guitars and a few tambourines. Their drummer banged on a guitar case.

Despite the stripped-down nature of the performances, however, Kevin Barnes’ high falsetto is something to behold. The songs didn’t suffer from the anti pomp-and-circumstance. In fact, it gave a new dimension to the songs–it gave them more of a homey, rootsy sorta feel.
Check out the videos here. They performed “Id Engager,” as well as “An Eluardian Instance” and “Heimdalsgate like a Promethean Curse.”