Owen makes cover of independent ‘zine, talks about “Good Friends, Bad Habits”

In the cover story of independent ‘zine Manual Dexterity, Mike Kinsella of Owen gives an in-depth interview about his latest album New Leaves and his journey as a first-time father. He also talks to the ‘zine about the “Good Friends, Bad Habits” video.

MANUAL DEXTERITY: Did you come up with the concept for the “Good Friends, Bad Habits” video? Was it difficultto lip-synch your songs with all the movement around you? Do you plan on doing any other videos for the songs off of New Leaves?

MIKE KINSELLA: Yeah. I had the rough “photo booth” idea and then Joe Wigdahl built the set and organized the whole thing. Lip-synching was easy. Having multiple friends sitting on my lap all day proved to be more strenuous than I had thought it would be. As for other videos, hopefully! But nothing planned at the moment.

The full interview is available here.