Palmdale chats with Goldmine Mag

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July 30, 2010
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Palmdale recently sat down with the folks over at Goldmine Magazine to talk about how they got their start, their YouTube blogs, their favorite music and, of course, their single “Here Comes The Summer.”

GOLDMINE MAGAZINE: “Here Comes the Summer” sounds like a surefire summer radio song to these ears. Since both of you have had mainstream success as artists and/or producers, are your songs written with some sort of commercial slant in mind?

LINUS: When Kay and I started writing together, we discussed the fact that anything we do was going to be pop because that is what we write…so we didn’t really have to TRY and be pop. I can’t speak for Kay, but from my point of view, Palmdale allows us to stretch out a little bit and try some different things while staying in a pop context. For instance, “Here Comes The Summer” and “Pick Your Poison” almost have an “anti-chorus” and in “West Coast Serenade” we go into the bridge and never come back to the chorus again. Those are things you can’t really do when you’re trying to write hits for other artists.

You can read the full interview here.