Polyvinyl Records Drops Four New Music Videos You Need To See


By now you may think that we have told you everything there is to say about Kevin Barnes and his constantly evolving musical entity, of Montreal. With over a dozen releases to their name in the past 15 years and 11 videos that have come your way, we’ve been championing Polyvinyl Records’ flagship band tirelessly over the years. But if there is one thing we’ve learned from of Montreal is that nothing is ever constant and just when you think you might have them figured out, they reinvent themselves again and add a new dimension to their already eclectic sound.

For the new video “Fugitive Air” Kevin Barnes turned to the director he knows would best capture of Montreal’s intimate and stripped down side; his wife Nina Barnes. She’s no stranger to the director’s chair either, having been behind the lens for their previous videos “L’age D’or” and “Famine Affair.” The video is a kaleidoscope of vivid colors, home movies and psychedelic scenes with Summer of Love styled dancing and carefree approach to life. Perhaps nothing ties the personal touch of the album and the vibe together more than Kevin and Nina’s clear love and adoration for each other, whether it be sharing a tiny bathtub or playfully running around the bedroom.

The dodos

Whether it be Generationals, Deerhoof, Japandroids, or Wampire, the Polyvinyl Record Co. has an unparalleled knack for finding the cream of the crop of indie rock duos. The next artist on that list that is creating a massive buzz is San Francisco’s The Dodos. What began as a solo project for Meric Long under the moniker Dodo Bird was soon pluralized with the addition of Logan Kroeber. They first gained notoriety with their release Visiter. Over the years they’ve made fans out of fellow artists like Neko Case and Les Savy Fav (who invited them to perform at their ATP Nightmare Before Christmas Festival in 2011.) Eventually they caught the eye of Polyvinyl and together released the new album, Carrier.

For the new video “Confidence,” the band revisited their past video for “Companions,” which followed the band’s close friend Bo as the lead actor who rules the camera, completely in control of the entire situation. Being “one of the funniest dudes we know,” the band jumped at the opportunity to get him back in front of the camera. Only this time, the tables are turned and he is no longer in control. He’s chased relentlessly by an unwavering officer of the law. Playing into the theme of duality, the song itself has two distinct parts. It begins as a mid-tempo head bopper, until the video up the pace and becomes a frantic chase through city streets and onto an oceanfront beach. And the band has already promised that the cliffhanger ending leaves room for a third installment, so keep your eyes peeled!

Since 2005, extraordinarily talented indie/pop trio , Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin have without question established that in a world oversaturated with bands trying to “make it,” they possess something most bands lack these days… lasting power. Harnessing a unique sound that transports you back your youth, a time of summer crushes and late night hang-outs with old friends, the Springfield, Missouri, threesome consistently craft songs that tug at your heartstrings and remind us that we were all once young, innocent and the world was our oyster. Drawing as much from the pop-punk power chords their brains were wired to love as teens in the late 90s, and as the multi-layered pop of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s that they strive to emulate, SSLYBY have been writing songs for over a decade based on the timeless principles of beautiful melodies and good harmonies. Luckily for us, the band just released a fresh new record, Fly By Wire, and their kick-off single “Nightwater Girlfriend,” embodies everything fans have come to love and expect from them.


We all grow old. Sooner or later we’re all faced with the reality that our time here on earth isn’t unlimited, and the good times we experience and share with one another will one day be but a memory. Over the course of two critically acclaimed full-length albums via much-loved indie label, Polyvinyl Records (Reptilians in 2011 & Miracle Mile in 2013), electro-pop darlings, STRFKR, have been acutely tuned into this fact and have been exploring the delicate subject matter through their music. For STRFKR however, this does not mean records full of gloomy downers … in fact, their approach is the complete opposite. The LA (by way of Portland)-based group compose highly addictive, groovy-synth and bassline driven, get-on-the-dance floor music that will have you shaking your hips within seconds of pressing play, potentially unaware of the deep lyrical content. Although the band wouldn’t blame you. With their latest music video for their funky, life-affirming new single, “While I’m Alive,” STRFKR tell a story of an elderly gentleman who’s lived a full and happy life, but in his final years has been struggling to keep on keeping on.