Premiere: Kayla Jay HIP Spotlight

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March 11, 2016
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March 24, 2016

Growing up in a military family can come with its share of challenges. Having to pick up and move every couple of years can’t be easy, especially during your formative years. However this unique upbringing can also be profoundly rewarding. Experiencing cultures other than your own is a guaranteed ticket to broadening your sense of self, your perspective on the world at large and where you fit within it. Such is the case for singer, songwriter and producer Kayla Jay. The well-traveled, multi-faceted musician currently calls New Jersey home but has lived everywhere from North Carolina and Maryland to places as far-reaching as Spain – each playing playing a key role in who Kayla Jay, the artist, is today. Her head-turning blend of Pop and R&B is currently capturing the attention of larger and larger audiences with each passing week and for good reason. With incomparable passion and charisma and an all-in dedication to her art, this promising new artist is poised to make a major dent in the music industry in 2016 and the brand new music video for her powerful single, “I Don’t Care” is proof in the pudding.

We recently met up with Kayla here at HIP HQ to discuss her new single. Check it out below…