PVT’s Dave Miller talks to Pedestrian.TV

Dave Miller
PVT‘s multi-instrumentalist, Dave Miller, recently sat down with the folks of Pedestrian.TV to talk about the band’s third album, Church With No Magic, having to change their name from Pivot to PVT, among other topics.

Regarding PVT’s creative process and general chemistry (which you can also see in their video for “Windows”), Miller had this to say:

It was a more “of the moment” thing. We wanted to capture something that happens once and just roll with that. There’s mistakes in there and there are things there that we could have fixed in Pro Tools but in the end we felt that it would be truer to what we’ve been doing over the last few years to leave them in there. It makes things sound a bit more live and a bit more human.

You can check out the full interview here.