Rebecca Rudolf’s video for “Unconditional Love” premiers on VideoDetective!

Rebecca RudolfCheck it out HERE and Spread the Word!!

In Rebecca Rudolf’s video for “Unconditional Love,” you are presented with every side of Miss Rudolf’s personality. From every angle, you experience the delightful and charming ways of this upbeat songwriter. The song itself captures a sense of realization by creating strong lyrics and smooth harmonies. Her polished ballet movement shows her years of preparation for fulfilling her dream. Adding a creative and unexpected approach to the song is Dre Vice, who drops a middle section of the song that you won’t soon forget! Rebecca Rudolf’s encouraging insight is more than enough to push all of us to grab hold of higher ideals. With elements of strict rigor and fluidity, “Unconditional Love” reminds us of the utter importance that exists in the art of achieving those higher ideals.

Her full bio is coming soon!