Si*Sé featured in Nat Geo:Music

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May 11, 2010
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May 11, 2010

The electronic soul group known as Si*Sé sat down with National Geographic World Music last month and talked about their choice to stay independent as well as their latest album Gold.

NAT GEO:MUSIC: What were the biggest changes between More Shine and Gold?

CHRISTOFARO: With the last record, we had a budget (laughs). We had time in a studio, which was new for us. That’s not even how we did our first record. Carol was singing vocals in my studio apartment, in a closet space. Every time we do something, we’re taking a step forward, hopefully. This time, I feel like we stepped back to our roots.

CAROL C: With the first album David gave us the option of how we wanted to record, and we chose to use Cliff’s apartment. When we did our second, we really wanted to capture the live aspect of the band. That was the main motivation behind us going into the studio, and that’s why More Shine sounds closest to what we do live. Since we also make electronic music, we don’t mind that the new EP is made the way it is. It’s just another aspect of what we do.

CHRISTOFARO: Scheduling is another reason. Not everybody in our band does music for a living. It’s hard enough for Carol and myself to. It was originally about utilizing what we had. I make music strictly on my computer. Carol can record herself singing in her apartment. There was a lot of file sharing, back and forth. The way that technology is, there’s so much you can do without using a $7,000 microphone. All that stuff is great; if I had a studio like that, I’d never leave. At the same time, you have to use what you have, and make it work for you.

The full interview is available here.