Skope Mag calls Nuke The Soup’s latest “well-put-together, quality material”

Nuke The Soup have long been darlings of Skope Magazine. When it came to the band’s most recent album, Make Waves Not War, Skope Mag only had this to say: “The overall feel of this album is so contagious that by the end of the last song you will feel better without question. Soak up all the goodness that Nuke The Soup is feeding you because well-put-together, quality material is on the table here. Excellent musicianship mixed with a rock-solid performance = 1 big, wholesome bowl of Nuke The Soup.” (You can read the full review here.)

Without a doubt, Nuke The Soup’s latest video for their single “Yin and Yang” is sheer evidence of just what Skope Mag is referring to. It’s a stand-out single from the album and, furthermore, a stand-out performance video. Preview just what we’re talking about below.