“So Much” to expect from Dave Patten

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December 2, 2009
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December 2, 2009

Dave Patten

We walk into our offices and open up our mail just like everyone else – one letter at a time. Except once we do, we discover the future of music. Today is no different. Mixing rock vocals with hip hop beats and serving it up on a plate of killer songwriting, Dave Patten could very well may be the next Renaissance man. He’s already on his way with over 1.3 million Youtube views on his songs, opening gigs for Wyclef Jean and shout-outs from famous producers like Brian Kennedy (best known for Rihanna’s “Disturbia”). With his latest video for the song “So Much”, Dave Patten won’t stay underground for much longer. Oh, did we mention he plays all the instruments too?

Check out the video for “So Much” and then download the song for free.