Summertime Dropouts “Getaway” is Song of the Day on!

From PureVolume: Summertime Dropouts’ new song, “Getaway,” toys with a notion we’re all familiar with — seeking an escape from the monotony of our day-to-day. With reeling guitar-riffs, ground-shaking percussion, sunny melodies, and dreamy vocals ridden with the desperation to break free, the pop-punk quartet have created the perfect musical accompaniment to a song that’s about both “freedom [and] captivity.”
“It’s a song about being stuck at work — whether it’s at a desk or at the factory,” frontman David Erickson explains. “You glance out the window and notice it’s a PERFECT day outside. There’s nothing you’d rather be doing than chillin’ in a lawn chair, grilling up some grub, and taking the boat out for a cruise on the water. All of a sudden, you realize you’re daydreaming about a day at the lake; a vacation by the beach; a better life away from your humdrum work life!”

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