The Album Leaf faces lineup changes

A couple of weeks ago, The Album Leaf announced on their official Facebook that the band would be moving on without three members: drummer Tim Reece, guitarist Drew Andrews and visualist Andrew Pates. James McCalister would be replacing Reece as drummer, joining remaining members Matt Resovich and Jimmy LaValle and now making The Album Leaf a trio. You can read LaValle’s full explanation on the band’s current state here.

On a lighter note, it was recently announced that The Album Leaf — along with fellow HIP clients of Montreal — would be featured on Stars’ four-song remix EP The Seance. The EP is available only to those who have pre-ordered Stars’ upcoming album, The Five Ghosts, set to hit record store shelves on June 22. So if you’re a fan of The Album Leaf, Stars and of Montreal, we urge you to jump on that deal right away. More info can be found here and on Prefix Mag‘s feature here.