The many masks of Faice

The Bronx, New York presents a multi-faceted talent who seeks peace within the streets, but recognizes the hardships of contemporary world affairs. Faice captures brutal every day mortalities that come from the source of money by sharing music that is well rounded and offers a new brand and style within the hip-hop genre. With a catapulting balance of world affairs and new age hip-hop beats that feature artists such as Dre Zee, Faice shows the world what opportunity and chance have to offer for the people of the world in the video “Hard Timez.”

Like a modern-day “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye, “Hard Timez” presents viewers with a catastrophic view of the world at large. Throughout the video, we watch as Faice transforms the beauty of life into the harsh and somewhat evil realities of what money does to society. The song gives off a fairy-tale essence, but it also reveals what money does to most individuals. The featuring artist, Dre Zee, sings a chorus that is hard to deny, and it levels out Faice’s profound lyrics.

Faice’s groundbreaking ability to present us with truth through severity in “Hard Timez” shows us how one man’s talent can lead to changing the world through one song at a time.

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