The meaning of August & J’s single “For Once”

August & J fans, you’re in for a treat. August was kind enough to offer up the lyrical meaning of his hit song, “For Once”(which is positively catching fire on YouTube, fast approaching the 3 MILLION views mark!. Check it out…
Many years ago I fell in love with a girl.  Since the day I met her, I wanted to provide for her…give her the things she wanted and needed.  She never asked or held anything over my head, I just wanted to give her everything I could.  I wanted to give her a nice home to live in, nice clothes to wear, the ability to travel…etc…Over the years we struggled financially and many of those things never happened, but we kept moving forward.  We talked and dreamed about things we’d like to someday do.  Have you ever heard the saying “couples who dream together, stay together”?  We dreamed.

 About a year ago I received a bonus from my job and I decided to get her something that we’d dreamed about for a long time.  When it arrived, she couldn’t believe it and I could see tears in her eyes.  I felt like I’d finally given her something worthy of a Queen. 

 About that same time, I received an email from J.  In the email was an MP3 of a musical idea he’d just come up with.  That evening, first words I wrote were, “For Once, she can be the Queen.  For Once, she can live the dream”.  From that point on, I wrote the entire song about her.

 The lyric in the first verse, “and she cried and she cried and she cried”.  In my mind, those are tears of happiness.

 ~ August
Watch the video below!!