The Pack A.D. tears up British Columbia

The Pack A.D.

According to Urban Trendz mag, some say The Pack’s guitarist Becky Black’s pick is the “Devil’s toenail.”
After listening to the howling, gritty, down-in-the-dirt blues that is The Pack A.D., I can’t say for certain that it isn’t.

Classic blues rock at its most fast-paced and furious, The Pack A.D. is starting to become a sensation in British Columbia, Canada.

Utilizing vocals that come straight from the gut, and focusing on stripped-down jailhouse riffs, these two girls probably made Robert Johnson turn over in his grave.

Watching these kids at work is like watching Janis Joplin down a bottle of Jack. So, for your viewing pleasure, a live taste of The Pack A.D. is located below: