The Rev: Charlie Patton was a punk

The Rev

Charlie Patton, famed musician of the American delta blues variety, exhibited punk rock spirit, according to Reverend Peyton. He was the first, Johnny Rotten second.

“Charley Patton was playing with his teeth and behind his head in 1930; now people say that’s punk rock, but they’ve been doing that for a hundred years,” he said in the ‘about’ section of Peyton’s Big Damn Band Web site. He added, “I think country blues was the first punk rock if you ask me.”

Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, in addition to taking on Charlie Patton as a musical influence, also took on his punk rock spirit. The band sold everything in a big yard sale and just “hit the road.” They also put on wild, crazy shows and sing, honestly and directly, about the stuff they care about–whether it’s health insurance or just fried potatoes.