The Shins to play in May

Dinosaur Jr. album, “Farm”
April 2, 2009
On the road with Sybris
April 4, 2009

The Shins will be on the road again, just in time for spring May flowers. They’re traveling from coast to coast. On May 2, they will make their first appearance at Bellingham, Washington, at Western Washington University.

And for the last tour date, May 18, they will have crossed three different time zones to get to New York City, New York, to play at Terminal 5. And then, the stage will fade to black, and the tour will be over.

So we’re looking at only a few dates in May–nothing extensive. If you’re interested in seeing the band, go to MySpace and see if they’re playing near you.

The Shins first gained critical acclaim for their noisy, artsy, Beach-Boys inspired tracks back in 2001. Since then, their fan base has exploded. Natalie Portman in the movie Garden State introduced a whole new section of fans to The Shins when she slapped a pair of headphones on Zach Braff, and the audience all heard the dreamy song “New Slang.”

Since then, The Shins recorded their latest and greatest album in 2007, Wincing the Night Away. In the album, they experiment with layered psychedelia, as well as Jesus and Mary Chain inspired guitar buzz.