The Sutton Street Massacre will leave you breathless

Cheap sunglasses, manly beards, skateboards, and bullets may make up the exterior of thThe Sutton Street Massacre, but there is a certain familiarity and grace to their music. A strong brotherhood exists between these musicians, which hints at a feel for the likes of The Black Keys. But don’t be persuaded into categorizing, there is no simple way to describe their creative ways—what makes them different is their twisted sense of humor and their subtle play on words.

In their video for their new song, “Eagle on the Ark,” you will find yourself utterly captivated by this indie track reminiscent of an 80’s love ballad. Their musical influences can be understood and determined through the sound of the song, but it takes on an entire new meaning and gives off a stylistic vibe that makes it different than anything you’ve ever heard before. The song is sung with ease from rooftops throughout Brooklyn, New York, where love blooms and well… every thing else happens. It is easy to tell the difference between the two vocalists, and each have a different approach to the seemingly love-lorn lyrics that they confess. Although there is a darkness that exists within the interests of the members of The Sutton Street Massacre, there is a complete side of playfulness that goes hand in hand with their personalities. As a listener, it is simply easy to relate to the lyrics and the eccentric styles of these musicians.