They can sing, they can dance, so you better “Watch These Hands” — by HIP favorite and massively talented artist that inspires us every day, Sean Forbes!

Watch These Hands

Just a few months ago we brought you “Mood Swings”, and “I’m Deaf” by one of our most accomplished, inspiring artists Sean Forbes, and once again we are pleased to present a fresh, new clip from the main man himself. His video clips have been known to be jam-packed with motivational scenes, and “Watch These Hands” is full of them!

From rock to rap, his music contains elements of a multitude of genres, but specifically targets contemporary hip-hop listeners—Sean Forbes’ dream of music for every one has transformed the way in which deaf people perceive music. With a passion that cannot be compared to any contemporary hip-hop singer, Sean presents music to the hearing impaired as “beautiful symphonies of thought and expression.” Click here for Sean’s artist page on