Three new music videos courtesy of Communicating Vessels dropping soon: The Great Book Of John “Dark Star,” Gregory Scott Slay “And When She Speaks,” & Shaheed and DJ Supreme “Right Now”

The Great Book of John boldly wakes the slumbers of rock god’s to restore their creation as bluesy Southern rock ballads, emanating dreamy boy-girl harmonies that are intertwined with monster guitar solos. With an originality spanning from mysterious sources of influence, the band’s front man Taylor Shaw strikes sentimental chords with psychedelic elements of old-soul-esque vocal qualities. Singing from the very depths of his being, Shaw creates an atmospheric vibe that explores several different genres of music—rock, indie, soul, and blues.

However, the music they create is neither blues, nor rock, but rather containing an art of its own that adheres to the heavy spirits of these talented musicians. For instance, the band’s second and self-titled release The Great Book of John hit shelves in August of 2011 as a digital, CD, and vinyl release; the record was a deeply layered production brimming with amplified crunch. Their new video “Dark Star” is a sneak peek of their upcoming album set to be released for 2013, and it amplifies the natural fluidity of The Great Book of John’s ability to woe and weave their audience into a state of constant relief.
After the release of their famous rendition of the Aussie rock band INXS’ “Never Tear Us Apart” in 2011, The Great Book of John has captured the ears of indie-rock video fans across the nation. These Alabama natives own the extraordinary gift of creating lasting music that is reminiscent of Jeff Buckley and powerful blues artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughn. They followed that up earlier this year with “Simple Things,” a powerful video that was rich in metaphors and developed an in depth storyline about the evils of temptation and greed. For the new video “Dark Star”, the band has decided to showcase possibly their greatest strength, their performance. Click here for the full bio!

Earlier this year we introduced to you the “Keep It Secret” video from Gregory Scott Slay, which was brought to you posthumously from his album Horsethief Beats / The Sound Will Find You. Upon his untimely passing, Remy Zero drummer Gregory Scott Slay left behind a plethora of fans, friends and family who all mourned his passing in their own personal ways. But as time has passed these same people have also come together to do their part to continue Slay’s legacy and share with the world his innovative songs and creations that he left behind as his final gift.

What makes his music so remarkable is the mere fact that Gregory was aware of his mortality while creating Horsethief Beats / The Sound Will Find You. Throughout the record, voices of Slay’s wife and cooing of his young daughter can be heard, while his own father, HAN Slay, prominent saxophonist, also makes contributions to the record. The album was released with the help of Slay’s close friend and musical confidant of the band Remy Zero, Jeffrey Cain. Within this unique story of life and death, Slay allows us to enter the world of a man battling cystic fibrosis and his incredible ability to squeeze the most of this short life.

Gregory Scott Slay was an Emmy nominated artist and founding member of the well-known rock band, Remy Zero. After Remy Zero’s break-up in 2003, Slay co-wrote and recorded the title theme for the ultra-popular and controversial television series Nip/Tuck, for which earned his Emmy nomination. His best friend Jeffrey Cain aspires to present the world with Slay’s moving and monumental music and he says, “My plan is to keep releasing Gregory’s music and videos so that a new underground audience can discover his life’s work. I like to think that some kid in a small town watching public access might see this late at night and have their world change.” Without further adieu, Jeffrey Cain and his label Communicating Vessels presents one of Slay’s most profound items of work, “And When She Speaks,” that can be compared to that of a highly influential masterpiece of art. Click here for the full bio!

From the underground clubs within Birmingham, Alabama, artists Shaheed & DJ Supreme are combining classic elements of original hip-hop beats with lyrics of the future. These in-your-face-musicians can be seen performing with artists such as Akil, the MC of Jurassic 5, and with a highly anticipated upcoming album that can be expected to be delivered in early 2013, there is nothing that can stop Shaheed and his influential confidant, DJ Supreme. The entire staff of HIP Video Promo are pleased to introduce the stylish and all-around fluidity of their music video “Right Now.”

Communicating Vessels recording artists Shaheed & DJ Supreme are on a constant rise to stardom within the contemporary music scene. Known as one of hip-hop’s most consistent groups, Shaheed and DJ Supreme don’t exactly fit the mold of most typical dirty-southern rap artists—they are what we would call practitioners of traditional and classic hip-hop elements. With the release of two critically acclaimed Lps, Health Wealth & Knowledge of Self and Scholar Warrior (a remix album), Shaheed’s sharp lyrical dexterity is showcased as DJ Supreme’s soul-infused production looms in the background. The albums also include guest appearances from artists such as Akil of Jurassic 5, Amir Sulaiman, and W. Ellington Felton.

As a group, Shaheed & DJ Supreme have shared the stage with many artists on the hip-hop scene including Raekwon, DJ Shiftee, The Bodega Brovas and Stalley, as well as label mates, The Green Seed. The much anticipated third LP Knowledge, Rhythm, and Understanding is set to be released early next year on Communicating Vessels. In the meantime, Shaheed & DJ Supreme are lighting up the streets of Birmingham, making appearances throughout local hip-hop clubs. Their newest release “Right Now” foreshadows what’s to come on the album Knowledge, Rhythm, and Understanding, and the clip promotes the inspirational sounds of all that Shaheed & DJ Supreme encompass. Set in the now famous The Bottletree in Alabama, an astounding club where artists collide, “Right Now” constitutes the ever-prominent necessity of Shaheed & DJ Supreme’s music. Click here for the full bio!