Toby Butler and Liela Moss of The Duke Spirit form spectacular new side project, Roman Remains, release “This Stone is Starting to Bleed”

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February 14, 2014
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February 18, 2014
Toby Butler and Liela

For the past decade, Moss and Butler played together in the British rock group The Duke Spirit. Their new side project is Roman Remains. They’re worthy of your attention.

“This Stone is Starting to Bleed,” which Rolling Stone calls “a glitchy, blistering synth-punk cut” is full of high energy and unique scenery. Directed by the band’s close friend Marcus McSweeney, scenes were filmed on the Southeast English coast. “Our psychedelic shaman,” Butler explains, “weaves his magic in the fire, whilst we lurk, waiting.” This dark video clip displays the act of worship and spirituality, all intertwined into one of the most visually stimulating and intricate pieces of cinema we’ve seen in quite some time. The clip is somewhat nightmarish, but all the more, feelings of adventure linger and will leave you wanting more. You won’t want to miss this video! Click here for the full bio.