The top lyric videos by HIP Video Productions

The pandemic has impacted the music industry; musicians have had to get creative when it comes to getting their music and other content out there. With the world on lockdown, filming videos has become quite challenging for artists. HIP has been producing videos since 2017, and since the pandemic, HIP Video Productions has produced a fair amount of lyric videos. Rob Fitzgerald takes the lyrics and turns them into something meaningful and exciting. In celebration of this creativity, we wanted to go down memory lane and share some of our favorite lyric videos.

First up is the lyric video for “Can’t Take It with You” by The Dead Daisies, way back in October 2018. Don’t be fooled; this lyric video is just as fun and exciting as a conventional music video. The words appear, flash, and turn into the frame, while the background jumps from clip to clip. The clips take us back to simpler times with the grainy footage that reminds us of the classic TV set. It’s a rollercoaster ride from the very first frame.



Another video we’re proud of is Val Emmich’s “Every Time I Leave My Girl” from March 2019. Instead of the clips looking like a glitchy screen, it IS a glitchy screen. The lyrics fade in like the credits of a movie or TV show. Behind the words are real home videos of Val Emmich and his beautiful daughter. You can also hear her voice throughout this short and sweet song. It’s a video full of fun and feelings of nostalgia as the home movies play on.



The next video we’re sharing is “The Resistance Will Not Be Televised” by NOLA Resistance from the summer of 2020. The lyric video starts with a green-hued, smoky haze, with the lyrics fading in and out. Then the smoke clears, and we enter a world of deep reds and oversaturated colors while we see people protesting with their picket fences. The colors bring a retro, almost psychedelic, vibe to the video while still being perfectly compatible with the song.



Another one of our favorite lyric videos is Andrew W. Boss’s video for “Home” (feat. Adam Boss and Royal Bliss), from September 2019. We take a trip down south in this video, and we get a little lost on some beautiful backcountry roads. A drone flies high over building tops and open fields with a single lane road. It’s visually stunning.



One other favorite lyric video comes from Pennan Brae with his lyric video for “Pay Dirt” in June 2020. This video is a hot red, high energy clip from start to finish. The flashing background stays in perfect tune with the staccato rhythm of the song. We feel like we’re right there in the moment with the song. The shaky images of the city make us almost miss the hustle and bustle of it all. If you weren’t missing being in the city, this video would definitely get you there.



The last but certainly not least lyric video on our list is Keldamuzik’s video for “Can’t Keep Up” (feat. Hylan Starr) from September 2020. It’s a classic lyric video where the words dance in and out of frame with an eye-catching background. Here, Rob creates a kaleidoscope of blues and reds to display the perfect visual for this song. It’s fun, intriguing, and what every video should be.



Since the pandemic began, the entire world has been put on pause, including music videos. While some artists have decided to wait it out, others have jumped on the chance to do something different. That’s what’s so great about lyric videos; there are so many ways you can do them. Every time they’re done differently and unique to the individual artist. It’s something that can easily be seen through the work of HIP Video Productions. 


Written by HIP intern Rebecca Karaman.