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May 8, 2015



Trapdoor Social’s Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk originally came together because they shared a passion for green causes and championing a healthy planet. When artistic vision and social consciousness come together it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that this group has positioned themselves as more than just another band. They’re out to make a difference, and doing so through their masterful grasp of pop songwriting and flawless execution. Today, we are pleased to share with you the new video for “Fine On My Own,” featuring the Pride of Mesa Ridge marching band.

Trapdoor Social hit the road hard in 2014 and early 2015 in support of their Science of Love EP, traveling across the US from their CA home to the east coast, and everywhere in between. The album spawned the sci-fi infused fantasy party clip for “Science Of Love,” which showed the creative flexibility of the band in a visual sense. Their prior Death of A Friend EP also spawned successful videos for airplay tracks “Away”, “Like You Never”, and more.

For the “Fine On My Own” video, Trapdoor has taken a much more spartan approach and put together a video that boils down to just the band and their natural musical skills. They perform onstage in an empty auditorium, but this doesn’t make it any less electrifying. This is due, in part, to the presence of Colorado Spring’s Pride of Mesa Ridge marching band.

Trapdoor Social came across this hardworking, award-winning marching band from Colorado Springs on tour last year, and were impressed by their hard work and dedication to their craft even in the face of budget cuts and underfunding. This inspired Trapdoor to include the marching band in their new single and video. Not only is this a killer addition to the song, but Trapdoor is also helping to spread the word about this band and their cause to raise funds to support their arts program. It’s a terrific idea, as a thriving arts community in schools is almost always linked to better student development and academic skills across the board. Please take a moment to enjoy the video and support the Pride of Mesa Ridge!

Big shout out to Trapdoor Social for being a band with a cause and a conscience! We’re proud to be a part of their team and are here to do anything we can to help get this video into your programming. Please contact Andy Gesner at (732)-613-1779 or email us at for more info. You can also visit for more info, and be sure to check out for more on ways you can support the Pride of Mesa Ridge marching band!

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