Watch: Hugo “Leave Love Behind”

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March 8, 2012
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March 8, 2012

It is with great admiration that the HIP Video Promo staff and Andy Gesner are proud to introduce the new video for “Leave Love Behind” by the artist known as Hugo. With elements of theatrical pop music, Hugo is an imaginative pianist with a creative appeal that excites and inspires all music lovers. This independent artist can be compared to the likes of Ben Folds and John Flansburgh, but hints at the ever-classic approach of Elvis Costello. However, the pure, fantasy driven soul of Hugo haunts and mesmerizes, and will leave you breathless and ecstatic with his theatrical style of piano playing.

In his last video for “Make Out With Me” we saw him offer up a tongue-in-cheek plea for all the lovely ladies to cast their attention on him and, well, make out with him. Now we bring you his most recent video for “Leave Love Behind,” where we see a calmer, more personal side of Hugo’s personality. The video follows him as he walks around contemplating a love he has just lost. Similarly to “Make Out With Me,” he plays alone on a small theater stage; it is clear that this is where Hugo finds himself most comfortable. Throughout the video, we see his ex-lover adhering to the likes of another man, and the lyrics are the backdrop for the deeper meaning of what this artist is saying about his feelings towards love. The root of the meaning of these lyrics can be determined through the actual title of the song, “Leave Love Behind.”

In comparison to his previous, artistic and creative videos, “Leave Love Behind” offers a more sentimental side of Hugo that presents us with definitions of what sorrow truly feels like. The song itself harmoniously captivates the fact that he is heart broken, but yet he is still determined to make his ex-girlfriend realize that she has also lost out on the love that they had. Overall, the theme of the lyrics in this song state that when any love is lost, every one loses, and no matter how this love has fallen apart both sides of the relationship will ultimately suffer. The song gives new meaning to life and love, and offers a sentimental feel for the bitter fact that sometimes we must leave love behind in order to truly forget it.

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