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March 29, 2024
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April 3, 2024

Flau’jae feat. NLE Choppa “AMF”

AMF” was released a day after the LSU Tigers defeated Middle Tennessee to advance to the Sweet Sixteen in the 2024 Women’s March Madness tournament. It also features a collaboration with platinum-certified Memphis-based rapper NLE Choppa. As you can guess, the song’s release was no coincidence. “AMF” is a track in which Flaujae unapologetically celebrates her success, dismissing any issue people may have with it as “not her fault”. It also serves as an appropriate follow-up to her previous single “Perfect Timing”, where she details the time and effort she puts into her grind, both on the court and in the studio. “AMF” is the payoff to that hard work, and tells us that it is ok to flex those achievements when the time comes. “AMF” also serves as an ode to her late father Camoflauge, whom she never met, but knows he would be proud of all she has accomplished thus far.

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Porter Block “If Your See Eulene”

Which is a bit of an irony, since the song is a reaction to an act of resistance. “If You See Eulene” is an open, if indirect, apology to a woman who has stopped returning the singer’s calls. Lead singer Peter Block knows he’s bugged his friend, but he doesn’t know how to repair the relationship. He’s willing to concede that he’s at fault, but he doesn’t have much hope that he can change who he is. Block sounds resigned, and maybe a little miffed too — though it’s unclear whether he’s angry at Eulene, or angry at himself.

The Porter Block Extended Play follows the dazzling Clean Up Your Living Room, the band’s seventh album, and a forceful, outspoken, delightfully tuneful set praised by the independent press. Though the 2021 project is undeniably fun, it’s also something of a survivor’s tale: Peter Block had been hospitalized with a mysterious ailment that deprived him of the use of his hands. He’s fought through that misfortune and emerged with an irrepressible will to rock. “If You See Eulene” is an upbeat stomper, but if fans listen carefully, they can sense the undercurrent of darkness and anxiety that runs through all of the material Block has recorded since his ordeal.

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Michael V. Doane “Let’s Go!”

“Let’s Go!” is what people should listen to to get them out of bed every morning to tackle their day at a full sprint. With a country-rock ensemble and a stack of his own backing vocals, Doane delivers a top-hit tune with his authentic voice wrapped in the sounds of electric and acoustic guitars.  Having adventures is what keeps people moving, and Doane captures it wonderfully. The adrenaline that comes from being open to all new experiences makes any moment worthwhile and worthy of taking risks. In “Let’s Go!” pleasure is found in the simplest things, such as sleeping in the car with a loved one or sharing a dip in a nearby, natural pool. Through all those experiences come out people who are older and take things slow, but still have the same energy, jam-packed personality, and love for each other at the start of their journey because the only way to go is up. By the song’s end, fans will be wishing they had a bag packed, a friend by their side, and an endless road in front of them. As a fan the rock-and-roll of the 1970s, Doane has a special appreciation for the acts that still manage to get themselves up on the stage to this day, Elton John and The Rolling Stones as examples. He takes that as inspiration and parallels it with the seemingly mundane experience of growing old. “Let’s Go” takes that foundation and uses it to throw a celebration of life in our twilight years.

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D. Watkins “Slow Wine”

“Slow Wine” embodies today’s sound, blending Afrobeat influences with DWatkins‘ signature R&B and hip-hop style. The fusion of genres adds depth and richness to the music, appealing to a diverse audience with its infectious rhythm and melody. In his music videos, DWatkins maintains a sense of class and authenticity, refusing to conform to the superficial standards of the industry. He sets himself apart as a respected and influential figure in the music scene by staying true to himself and his artistic vision.

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Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir feat. Shawn Cotterell “God Is Good”

The Powerhouse Fellowship Soul Choir proclaims their faith through song, and their song “God is Good” is the ultimate anthem to what they believe in. They recognize all the good that God has put into their lives, and their gift to return to him is praising his work through song. Just saying his name collectively acts as a prayer full of love and hope. Through layered harmonies between multiple voice groups, the male and female voices join forces to create one voice, one family serving God. “God is Good” is a celebration of being children of God and thanking him for bringing life to them.

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Jim Vierra & Friends “Just One Touch”

“Just One Touch” takes in the unpredictable circumstances of our lives and transforms it into a message from the Holy Spirit. Led by Grammy-nominated faith based singer Ron Poindexter, he does the lyrics justice with his soulful, powerful, smooth voice that has purpose and meaning. Gorgeous instrumentals and strings support Ron’s voice, alongside a beautiful and confident group of women presenting backing vocals. They give themselves to His hand and allow Him to guide them in whatever direction He may want them to go. Life can have its dark and dreary moments that seem impossible to get out of, until the realization that God is the light that will lead out of it. Through love, trust is essential in a relationship with God, and just one singular gift from Him is enough to get through every day. Making God the focus in life will lead to bright days and a happy, fulfilling future.

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