Weekly Recap – March 8, 2024

She & Him
Flashback Friday: She & Him
March 8, 2024
Music Video Promotion and Marketing for 2024
March 13, 2024

On “Golden Glass,” the heady new single from Pure Order, they’ve joined forces with another rapper who shares their worldview, talent, and dedication to alternative rap. It’s no exaggeration to call Abstract Rude one of the most celebrated figures in the history of Southern California hip-hop. He’s a vocalist who has always led with creativity and verbal daring, and he’s elevated every project he’s graced — including his full-length collaborations with Aceyalone and Myka 9.  As one of the original emcees associated with the epochal Project Blowed, Abstract Rude has roots in creative Californian rap as deep as anybody’s. But as he demonstrates again on the bracing “Golden Glass,” his sound is a timeless one, and his ability to adjust his flow and his subject matter to bring out the best in his partners is as sharp as it has ever been.

ViennaCC “Gold Is What The Girls Want”

What do girls really want? Gold! With an electric jam and bold instrumental grouping, “Gold Is What the Girls Want” tells, with a twinkle of an eye, the message that luxurious, material goods would beat the simple gifts one could give his love. ViennaCC’s voice fits with the drum beats and traveling melody, with an entertaining urgency in his words that just wants to tell everyone what girls really want: Gold! Forget the fancy dinners, and forget the bouquet of roses; if it’s not gold, the girls will not want it. With this pop-dance song ViennaCC creates the perfect anthem for a couple that is looking to spice up their life with shimmer and shine.

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