WHEN DREAMS BECOME REALITY …. Musical Impresario, Dmaze to launch Clothing Line

Felio Siby creates clothing for confident men on the move. Savvy and stylish, this exclusive brand of handmade clothing is made exclusively in America, but incorporates all the worldly wonder of African, European and American culture. Their logo, a majestic African elephant, is a symbol of strength and grandeur, but still exudes a gentle, warm demeanor, and Felio Siby embodies this aesthetic within their comfortable fabrics and thoughtful designs. Bold, daring and durable, Felio Siby provides their customers with a colorful and charismatic fashion statement, one that is applied to all their jeans, shirts, bermuda shorts, cargo pants and t-shirts. Even their exclusive leather and crocodile skin carry bag exudes and stoic and urbane charm that is undeniable.
The dream of Felio Siby was that of Felix Siby, a humble man from Gabon, who along with his son Dominique (DMaze), created the Felio Siby imprint eight years ago. But when Felix passed away in 2006, Dominique, to honor his father’s vision, moved forward undeterred and continued to create remarkable clothing he knew his father would approve of. That dream has now become a reality. On April 1st, the official launch of www.FelioSiby.com will be followed by a tenacious marketing campaign to alert the world at large that Felio Siby is here to stay…It’s more than just an option, it’s a way of life.