Zeke Duhon’s Upcoming Video to Premiere July 4th

Zeke Duhon's Upcoming Video to Premiere July 4th

Zeke Duhon is one of the most profound singer/songwriters to emerge on the contemporary music scene and we are proud to introduce the astounding rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.”
This Tulsa, Oklahoma native’s inspirations focus on artists such as Coldplay, Simon and Garfunkel, Bright Eyes, and The Beatles. With a wide range of musical interests, Zeke’s creative capability soars. At the mere age of nineteen, Zeke is at the prime of his career enticing fans from all over the world with his powerful recollection of modern indie music. His last video clip “Loved Me Too” has gained wide spread popularity amongst critics and music fans.
The setting of the clip takes viewers inside of Zeke Duhon’s charismatic world, not to mention a stunningly beautiful recording studio. It’s an old church that Leon Russell purchased and converted into his own private studio. Some of the names of artist who recorded there are J J Cale, Elvin Bishop, David Gates, and a fella named Eric Clapton. Zeke’s approach to the song is wild and holds an energy that is reminiscent of Johnny Cash’s energetic style.
Be sure not to miss the premiere of “Folsom Prison Blues” on July 4th! Visit https://www.hipvideopromo.com/clients/zeke_duhon2/ for more information on Zeke Duhon.