111 Records’ Brad Fischetti calls Rookie of the Year “hardworking”

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November 4, 2008
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November 4, 2008

In a blog post Brad Fischetti of 111 Records praises Rookie of the Year for being hardworking. He lauds frontman Ryan Dunson for being able to play in front of anyone and everyone.

“The kid was fearless,” he writes, adding, “and today, some four years later, and together with Mike, Brandon, Pat, and Mick, Rookie still works harder than any band I know and will play anywhere they are asked to.”

Rookie of the Year closes the gap between pop punk and emo music–they’re introspective, and with a bit of a guitar-driven bite. Their music style is infectious and fun, exhiliarating–and an emotional roller coaster at the same time.

Brad Fischetti entreats readers to check the band out at the end of the blog post, writing, “Rookie continues to stand out because of a dedicated work ethic, an exciting live show, and music that moves you – moves you to feel at one moment, and moves you to dance the next. Rookie’s the real deal and they are only getting started.”

Take a look at the blog post here.