Jet Lag Gemini gets their tour on


Jet Lag Gemini is touring with big-namers The All-American Rejects! They’ve got tour dates up on MySpace, and here is a link for convenience’s sake. Man, I envy them. Not only do they get to tour with big pop icons, they’re also getting out of Jersey for a bit.

Jet Lag Gemini is, in fact, a perfect fit for the All-American Rejects. Like AAR, Jet Lag Gemini displays rebelliousness within the context of catchy hooks, and guitar-driven angst. In their video for “Run This City” they shudder at the boredom of an office cubicle job. After viewing this, I’m glad they chose the vocation they chose.

P.S.: Here at HIP Video, we’ve got some stills from their new video, “Fit To Be Tied” if you’d like to take a peek.