HIP Video Promo presents a music video by an artist on the rise called AKA Shawn. Performing under 2012 Real Right Entertainment, LLC, Sheezy AKA Shawn is a female emcee residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Her unexpected breakthrough into the music industry is the epitome of her blunt personality, which has led her to embrace her talents and crafts that make her a rising female artist. The video clip “Glistening” portrays the fresh and stark characteristics that make up this budding artist.
In 2008, Shawn started Real Right Entertainment, LLC with a plan of finding and developing aspiring artist. A year later after relocating to Atlanta and deciding to instead invest in herself as an artist, she recorded her first song entitled “AKA Pimp”. The song’s video views peaked at a little over one hundred thousand views simultaneously via WSHH. AKA Shawn’s single influenced and positively impacted the streets of Atlanta throughout various local nightclubs. Also known by her other stage name Sheezy, AKA Shawn possesses an eager sense of confidence and originality throughout her lyrics, life choices, and style.
Sheezy AKA Shawn’s musical upbringing contains a variation of influences. From the influences of 60’s/70’s Motown music to modern day Hip-Hop/R&B, AKA Shawn blends a style of classic influences with contemporary rap musicians to promote her role as a notable female artist. AKA Shawn is currently signed to her own independent label and desires to collaborate with major labels in the future. In November 2012, Shawn released two hit singles from the upcoming mixtape set for release in spring 2013. From the highly anticipated album Re-Introduction, “Glistening” is a clip that transcends contemporary hip-hop music into relative and inspirational music.
“Glistening” is an up-tempo mix that includes an original beat produced by the Mex Manny Beats. The song is an expression of how an individual feels while they are wearing “bling,” or a piece of jewelry that is unique as a reflection of their own individual energy, and this video clip captures this essence. From stark white backgrounds to sparkling diamonds, AKA Shawn creates an atmosphere that is filled with rambunctious energy that is presented by the all-encompassing catchy chorus. “Glistening” portrays the fluidity of the nightclub scene, and the R&B feels of this classic rap song emanate the authenticity that exists within this profound artist.
AKA Shawn’s upcoming album Re-Introduction will include the track “Glistening” and this astounding video clip accentuates the originality of her demeanor. AKA Shawn exists as 2013’s most potential female emcee, but her music speaks higher volumes of what her musical endeavors can and will achieve.