A breakout talent ready to knock down the door, INTRODUCING… Sonja

DMS Entertainment unveils its latest R&B talent discovery, Sonja. New York City’s own is taking on the music scene with her first ever music video featuring HIP Video Promo’s most recent client, Dmaze. From the likes of Frencesca Ramirez and Ebony Bones!, Sonja has conjured a unique style that captures memorable dance moves that contain a touch of ecstatic energy.

Dmaze promotes “Sticky,” Sonja’s upcoming video, which has already gained one hundred and thirteen thousand views on YouTube (and still counting!). With her unique style and headstrong qualities, Sonja is taking the tri-state area by storm with her fierce demeanor and stylistic approach to hip-hop and R&B music. She has built a strong musical relationship with HIP Video Promo’s own artist Dmaze, who has been producing and promoting artists under his latest music label, DMS Entertainment. Sonja caught Dmaze’s attention by presenting a determined and well-appreciated style that can be compared to the likes of Kelis, but there was something different about her look and demeanor that gave Dmaze the determination to approach Sonja.

In no time, Dmaze introduced Sonja to DMS Entertainment, where she’s been finding the balance between promotion and the constant flow of entertainment through her eccentric style. Her first ever music video for “Sticky” maintains the notion of outlandish hip-hop styles that have been non-existent within the contemporary music scene, but the video and lyrics prove to be monumental. Sonja’s rising stardom is incredible, and “Sticky” offers scenes that emanate an energy that is like no other contemporary artist. Full bio HERE: