A brilliant stroke of cinema that isn’t afraid to have fun… AL-based The Green Seed drop new banger, “Gotchoo”

The Green Seed are back again with yet another tasty clip chock full of attitude, style, and an otherworldly amount of exceptional visuals that run the spectrum of the color palette. We first introduced you to the Birmingham hip hop collective with their quirky “Crack Kills” video, but it was their last offering “Jude Law” that was a true game changer. For their newest video “Gotchoo,” their second single off of their debut full length Drapetomania (Communicating Vessels), they’ve taken the unique quirk and playfulness of “Crack Kills” and coupled with a plethora of CGI and Motion graphics on par with the unreal animation of “Jude Law.” The end result is a video that is an ode to what The Green Seed call “the weird south” and hits you smack in the face like the most memorable and crazy 3am infomercial you’ve ever seen.

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