As a creative, how can you possibly keep going and stay optimistic during such challenging times? – Bruce Sudano – HIP To The Scene Ep. 9

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February 22, 2022
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February 25, 2022

On episode 9 of HIP to the Scene, singer-songwriter Bruce Sudano is here to shed light on one of the deepest, most harrowing questions to be asked yet on this program: “As a creative, how can you possibly keep going and stay optimistic during such challenging times?”

Given his lengthy record of accomplishments — working with Tommy James; rocking with Alive N Kickin’ and Brooklyn Dreams; writing hit songs for Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, and Dolly Parton, to name just a few — you might expect Bruce Sudano to take his work very seriously. And that he does: when he’s composing with a guitar in his hand, he’s absolutely committed to the quest for the perfect melody, the sharpest hook, and the most expressive lyric. He also runs an indie record label called Purple Heart Recording Company and works closely with artists like Johnnyswim and The Zombies. With no intention of slowing down, the genre-bouncing Brooklyn-native is barreling into 2022 with a new album full of fresh new hits built on the unique sound he has curated over his remarkable career. Dancing between folk, blues, pop, and rock, Bruce Sudano brings intensity and comfort wrapped in one while giving voice to the voiceless in a world torn asunder.

As skilled a vocalist and guitarist as he is, he might be an even better communicator. He’s determined to be understood, even when his ideas are sophisticated and his writing is complex. Spirals Vol. 1…Not A Straight Line To Be Found and Spirals Vol. 2…Time & Space In Between are collections of thoughtful songs that grapple with grown-up struggles, existential questions, and the difficulties of maintaining relationships in a world that often seems to be spinning out of control. Sudano is such a sensitive writer and strong singer that he renders all of this subject matter approachable. It’s that sort of artistic flexibility that has helped sustain his status as a songwriter in demand for over five decades. On his new record, Ode To A Nightingale, he continues his winning streak of timeless gems, seven songs straight from his big, humble heart.

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