Bella Morte creates a haunting mood

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October 20, 2008
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October 23, 2008
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Bella Morte uses both heavy metal riffs and haunting vocal melodies, as well as synthesizers and trickling piano, to run a shiver down the listener’s spine. They also are masters of dynamics, knowing exactly the right time to bring the music to a hush, to a whisper. They also when to push out the music to a loud, clashing chorus. The result is beautiful, dark and enthralling. It’s perfect to listen to during a rainy day.

Fans of metal/ piano fusion band Lacuna Coil, as well as black metal heads who love Nightwish can both find something to enjoy in Bella Morte. There is one difference between Bella Morte and those bands–the use of male vocals. However, Bella Morte’s vocals sound just as soaring and beautifully complex as their vocal female counterpart.

Below, you can check out their video for “Find Forever Gone”: