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December 2, 2010
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December 3, 2010

Brooke Fraser
Recently, Brooke played in NYC at The Highline Ballroom (one of the best venues in the city). did a story on it!

Here’s an excerpt..
“Fraser, a self-taught singer, has two great vocal strengths (she is also a fine pianist and guitar player). She’s able to articulate her plosive consonants with great delicacy — which means that no matter how acrobatic her melodies are, you can always make out exactly what she’s singing. With each line, Fraser’s soulful-but-proper delivery is telling you: the music may be pretty, but the message is paramount. She can also leap from a conversational lower register to a wild wail; and when she does, the effect is as electrifying as sudden revelation. These are skills she’s developed through hard practice: on “What to Do With Daylight,” her fine, if slightly precocious, debut, they were only hinted at. They came to maturity on “Albertine,” and under the singer’s control on “Flags.”

Check out the whole article here!