Check out the first episode of the Sonarpilot podcast!

Podcasts are a fantastic way for artists to connect with their audience and continue to tell their story, and the latest podcast to come from the HIP family is by our beloved client Sonarpilot (earth name Michael Moppert)! The Sonarpilot podcast is hosted by Jonny Miller (Sonarpilot Audio Label Manager). From Soundcloud, here’s what to expect on Episode One: “Jonny and Micheal discuss the history of Sonarpilot Audio, the development of The Mirage Project and its fractal world videos. Michael recommends books, podcasts, music and film that have inspired him and provides insight onto the unique production process behind The Mirage Project.”

We’re currently promoting Sonarpilot’s videos for “Fossil” and “City in the Sky”; check those out below. If you’ve enjoyed these clips and want to learn more about all things Sonarpilot, the podcast is a great chance to expand your knowledge!