Chris Marsol: Not so easily defined

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December 5, 2008
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December 7, 2008

Chris Marsol

On his Web site, Chris Marsol applauds a hypothetical Nirvana fan that defies social expectation and becomes a closet NSYNC fan, listening to the sugar-sweet boy musings behind the locked door of her room.

According to Marsol, you can’t be expected to just like one genre of music, even though society might dictate that the grunge kids like the grunge music, and the preppy kids like the pop music, and the goth kids like the goth, and so on. You can’t put everything you like in a box.

Which is why Marsol decided to create an album that can’t be catergorized–Butterflies, Lipstick and Hand Grenades emerged last year to the puzzlement of many. For this album was not rock. Nor was it soul. Nor was it pop. It was, in fact, all three.

Marsol has successfully created a genre all his own, with the elements of the genres of music he likes best–he has the yelps and howls of rock icons, as well as the loud riffs. His album also contains the sweet, ballad-like pop and soul elements.

All three genres flesh out each track in an engaging, addictive, and unique way.