Alex Cuba "No Esperes Más"

Alex CubaArtist:
“No Esperes Más”
Taylor Fox/Facundo Gastiazoro
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October 27, 2015


We’re very anxious to share the new “No Esperes Más” video by Alex Cuba, but first we want to paint the picture of the caliber of artist we’re talking about! Alex Cuba is a Latin Grammy/Juno winner, singer-songwriter who is not tied to tradition; Alex has a vast musical vision. His sugarcane-sweet melodies, pop-soul hooks and powerful guitar riffs, relinquish a conventional stereotype that exemplifies much of the Latin music landscape. Collaborating with artists such as: Nelly Furtado, Jason Mraz and Ron Sexsmith, just to name a few.

In order to arrive at the brilliant new single for “No Esperes Más,” Alex has crossed geographical and cultural boundaries to master a sound that blends both Spanish and English melodies. He was born in Cuba and relocated to Canada in 1999. From a home base in Smithers, BC, Alex has racked up multiple Juno Awards as well as the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist in 2010. His crossover appeal is growing stronger with every release, as Alex is unafraid to test the limits of conventional musical genres.

Songwriting was the focus for the latest album Healer that was recorded in New York, USA and Victoria, Canada. Alex traded in horns for guitars and vocal harmonies that take Alex back to his roots. There are five duets with singer-songwriters, five being Canadian, Ron Sexsmith, David Myles, Alejandra Ribera and Kuba Oms as well as New Yorker Anya Marina, who he met on a songwriting retreat in Tulum Mexico and the co-writer and featured artist on “No Esperes Más”. It is an upbeat, acoustic soul album full of optimism and reality as Alex always has a silver lining on melancholy of any form.

“No Esperes Más” is a clip of stunning beauty that itself is a true work of art. Add the musical talents of Alex Cuba and guest vocalist Anya Marina on top and you’ve got something really special. The video is a hybrid blend of animation, live graphics, and gorgeous CGI that creates an underwater world that looks so real you’ll be holding your breath. The video revolves a male who is trapped under the sea, bound to the ocean floor. When a beautiful maiden falls from above he is quick to save her and she returns the favor by unbinding him from his confines and the two of them explore a new world that is alive and invigorating for both of them.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional new video! Please let us know what we can do to get it into your upcoming programming. If you need more info on Alex Cuba, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with us at (732)-613-1779 or email us at .

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Alex Cuba
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