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John Tracy
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“Silent Night”
Sam Kempf
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October 26, 2017


John Tracy is a singer-songwriter who brings a refreshing calmness, perspective and profound connection to his listener’s lives. His folk rock-influenced music is moving, unique, and decidedly human. At the chilliest time of the year, John Tracy is here to warm us up like crackling logs in a fireplace with an uplifting music video to accompany his rendition of the Christmas classic, “Silent Night.”

Using the mantra “real music for real life”, Tracy has been deeply connecting with audiences for over a decade. His summertime smash “Midnight Moon” featured a nature-inspired music video evaluating the bigger picture when life is bringing you down. Following the same mantra, Tracy has become a renaissance man of entertainment in his own right. Aside from music, Tracy is also the author of the published book, Of Life, Love and Family. Creating variety by releasing different types of media assures that the message, sage wisdom and life experience of John Tracy reaches people in every wheelhouse.

“Silent Night” is a song that has been covered and reproduced thousands of times since its original composition by Austrian composer Franz Xaver Guber in 1818. The everlasting sentiment has made the song a Christmas essential every year when December rolls around, and John Tracy’s original take on the holiday classic has become the favored rendition by both the secular and religious all over the world. His warm baritone vocals hug the listener’s ears in a warm embrace as his acoustic guitar dances with heavenly orchestral strings and a sublime electric guitar.

The music video for this yuletide favorite follows the sentiment of the season with a narrative that truly tugs on the emotional heartstrings within fans. The story kicks off with a mother and her three children trying to stay warm by the fire. It is soon learned that the family is awaiting their patriarch to return from military duty. There is a countdown written in children’s handwriting on a small chalkboard stating “183 Days ‘Till Daddy’s Home”. To their immense surprise, he was right there, staring in through the window at his beautiful family, 183 days early. What a Christmas miracle! And to pay it forward, The Proctors adopt Max, a shelter white Labrador, completing the true zeitgeist of Christmas; giving and showing compassion for those creatures less fortunate.

We are absolutely ecstatic to be teaming up once again with such an inspirational artist like John Tracy to bring you the “Silent Night” music video. John is a special friend of HIP, not just a client, and for us to see this fully realized clip included in your holiday programming would bring us the maximum in holiday cheer. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you’d like copies of his outstanding CD Magical Memories: A John Tracy Christmas to set up contests or online giveaways. Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779, email us at or visit for more info on John Tracy.

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