John Tracy “Midnight Moon”

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John Tracy
SoundCafe Records
“Midnight Moon”
Sam Kempf
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July 11, 2017


When John Tracy released his two beautifully touching videos for “Happy Ever After,” and “Fairytales Come True,” he was delivering inspiring songs about life and love that connected with listeners young and old. Now, John has stepped it up bringing more timely, relevant issues into his music. With a mantra of crafting “real music for real life,” John Tracy is an artist who brings a refreshing calmness, perspective and connection to his listener’s lives. His folk rock-influenced music is moving, unique, and human. His nature-inspired video for “Midnight Moon” evaluates the bigger picture when life is bringing you down.

“The world is trying to spoil our happy ending…” John sings accompanied by his acoustic guitar. The video shows John looking worried about finances, and the television reports political horrors. There seems to be little hope and even less civility, a feeling shared by millions of people around the world. It’s John who reminds us that there is hope, and the world provides it. We just need to know where to look. “But the midnight moon came out this evening, soothing all the worries away.” Under the stars, John plays his guitar as he reminds us of the things in life that make all problems in life seem small: love, family, and compassion.

In his third original release with SoundCafe records and Hoopla Media Studios, John Tracy has once again stolen hearts and redefined what it means to make authentic music for the soul. “John Tracy has a true gift,” said Stuart from One Night Stand Music, “he’s an extremely talented songwriter and has a wonderful tone to his voice. Time spent listening to John is never time wasted!” 

We aren’t wasting any time working with John Tracy once again. As an artist whose music truly “fortifies the human connection,” he is always the shot in the arm we need in this day and age. We hope you enjoy the “Midnight Moon” video as much as we do here at HIP, and we want to know what we can do to get this powerful piece into your programming! Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779 or email us at or visit for more info on John Tracy.

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