Johnny Maxwell “Numb”

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Sunny Loera
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August 9, 2016


What would you do if you had the chance to perform on national television in front of a panel of judges consisting of Simon Cowell, Brittany Spears, L.A. Reid, and Demi Lovato for the renowned X Factor? Most aspiring artists would crumble under the pressure, but not Johnny Maxwell. Not only did he electrify the audience, he was also voted onto the show by earning a “YES” from each and every judge. 

After appearing on X Factor, this California native was determined to follow his dreams and continues to put his talents to use. He has been quoted as saying “I just want to show people that it’s possible to do what you want to do.” In order to follow this ideology, Maxwell continually released singles while remaining unsigned to a record label. 

His newest EP, Numb, is his newest effort, appealing to a diverse audience and a varied demographic. Fans of everyone from Nick Jonas to G Eazy to Flo Rida will dig deep into songs that ride the dynamic wave of pop and R&B inspired gems. The lead single, “Numb,” is the perfect encapsulation of that vibe. The valleys are low and spacious, and the chorus soars high like a mountain peak. It’s exactly the kind of song that makes fans of all stripes stand up and take notice of the brilliance before them. 

Ironically enough, the video for “Numb” will tickle and enhance the senses with a full-fledged piece of tropical cinema that showcases Johnny in an equatorial paradise. Surrounded by lush jungles, crystal clear water, and a dazzling waterfall scene, Johnny lights up the camera with his magnetic persona and radiant performances. A few scenes of the day to day living of island life compliment Johnny’s performance to enhance and solidify the celebration of this way of life. In the end, through the vision of director Sunny Loera and Redwall Studio, it’s the powerful combination of Johnny Maxwell and this slice of heaven on earth that make “Numb” such a beautiful work of art.
We’re all incredibly excited to be working with the Johnny Maxwell team to bring you this gorgeous new clip and are here to do whatever we can to help secure a slot in your programming. Please get in touch with Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779, email us at You can also visit for more info on Johnny Maxwell.

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