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June 25, 2013


Nate Currin is an artist and a storyteller. Having traveled to over 20 countries, toured with notable acts like Blues Traveler and Neon Trees, been featured on MTV and received a first ballot Grammy nomination, he retains his enigmatic drive to fly under the radar from time to time. It’s when watching him play an intimate coffeehouse gig that he’s tucked into a headlining U.S. tour that it clicks; Currin is chasing after the genuine human connection, one fan and one song at a time. Nate Currin now prepares to release a project over five years in the making that is unlike anything he’s ever put out, and far from most albums on the singer/songwriter, folk and pop rock charts. On August 6th, 2013 Currin will release an 18-song concept album titled The Pilgrim, his sophomore full length on Archaic Cannon Records. The Pilgrim breaks the rules of genre confinement for the simple sake of brilliant art.

“I started The Pilgrim in 2007 with much zeal and determination, but I found it to be more difficult and challenging than I had anticipated,” says Currin. After writing a couple of songs in the first year, he shelved the project. He even released his 2011 album and accompanying video of the same name, Goodnight California, in the interim and toured throughout the U.S. playing over 300 shows and selling over 4,000 albums. “After that I started getting signs that I needed to do this, I needed to finish it.” Currin called upon Emmy-nominated producer Simon Illa and together they co-produced The Pilgrim at Domus Sound in Athens, GA.

Despite being based on a religious work, Nate Currin’s The Pilgrim is not intended as a Christian album. Rather, The Pilgrim is a lyrical and musical interpretation of The Pilgrim’s Progress, a book published in 1678 by English writer and preacher John Bunyan. “What I really wanted to do was weave my own life into Bunyan’s story,” says Currin. “It’s about a man – in some cases me – on a journey and all of the struggles he endures, the hardships he faces, the people he meets, all the various things that happen along the way.” Song titles off The Pilgrim reflect Currin’s interpretation of characters, concepts and places depicted in the book, including “Vanity Fair” (a city that hosts a yearlong fair and through which the King’s Highway passes), “A Beautiful House” (the rest stop for pilgrims to the Celestial City), and “The Interpreter” (the Holy Spirit who teaches travelers through pictures and dioramas how to live the Christian life).

The first video from the album is for the song “Vanity Fair”, and it visually feels like we have been transported back to 1678, existing in the catacombs beneath a Medieval city. The video is a sepia infused cornucopia of juggling thieves, depraved men, cheating wives and every kind of undesirable imaginable. Keeping them all entertained is the stoic and composed Currin, whose singular focus is a welcome bit of tranquility in this sea of questionable behavior. The video is a testament to the hard work and attention to detail that Nate has put into this labor of love for the past 5 years, and the payoff is tremendous!

We are pleased to once again be working with Nate Currin and are confident this is an artist you will be quick to support! We are here to hook you up with any copies of The Pilgrim, you may need, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch! For more info, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit for more info.

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