Shayna Leigh “Wake Me When It’s Christmas”

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November 8, 2014


It is going to be a busy end of year for Shayna Leigh. Following up on the tremendous buzz over her “Drive (Back To Where You Lived)” video and the glowing feedback to her new Hey Shayna Leigh EP she has announced a US tour with rock heroes Sister Hazel. The tour will take her across this nation to put her in front of thousands new faces that are sure to excitedly embrace Shayna and everything she has to offer. Her songs are spectacular to listen to, but nothing can quite compare to the live experience, which is where Shayna really shines. We encourage you to check out her website for full tour dates!
You can be sure that while traveling the country Shayna will be seeing the population ramping up for another wonderful holiday season. Halloween isn’t even a week old and already stores and merchants are turning up their stereos with festive songs about our favorite holiday. Clearly America loves Christmas, and you can count Shayna Leigh in with that crowd as well! Being a NYC girl, it’s understandable that she would get wrapped up in the excitement of the bright lights, Rockefeller Center, the gifts and the experience of being in the greatest city in the world during the greatest holiday.
For her newest video “Wake Me When It’s Christmas” we get to see Shayna as she anxiously awaits Christmas to arrive! Even though it’s months before she is already in the spirit and partakes in all of the fun festivities like putting up the tree, baking holiday cookies, wrapping gifts, and busting out her most appropriate Christmas wardrobe! But like the rest of us, Shayna knows that Christmas is mostly about spending times with the ones you love and once the house is prepped and ready she patiently waits for the one she loves to come home. It’s a long wait and the hour gets late, but ultimately by the end of the video she opens the door to find the best present yet waiting for her on her doorstep!
We are so thrilled to be working with Shayna Leigh once again and to bring you this delightfully festive new clip in time for the holidays! Not only can you see the video, but you can also hear the single in retail outlets nationwide such as Kohls, Fossil, AMA Theaters and more. You can also find it along with the entire Hey Shayna Leigh EP, on over 30,000 AMI digital jukeboxes! We encourage you to check out Shayna when she comes to your area with Sister Hazel as well! Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew with any requests at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit for more info on Shayna Leigh.

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For info about Shayna Leigh’s previous video, “Drive (Back To Where You Lived)” click HERE

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