AJ Smith “Better”

AJ Smith
Directed by Evan Deng
Add date – 5/13/2022

About AJ Smith

AJ Smith is all about bringing pop to a heightened level of creativity through playful irony and recontextualizing everything we love about modern music. The rising star was born to entertain with the undeniable stage presence that he showcased on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Landing a prime spot on a daytime television show is only one of AJ Smith’s accomplishments. He garnered over 100 thousand monthly listeners across streaming platforms and is developing a solid fan base on a global scale. His success comes down to his impeccable ability to develop bubbly pop tracks with a splash of nostalgia. Now he is gearing up to make a lasting impression with his new track, “Better.”

About the video

One thing to know about AJ Smith is that he finds bold ways to bring pop culture of the past and present into his visual genius. For the “Better” video, he takes inspiration from the classic cult movie Fight Club as he explores two types of therapy: laying on a chair while the therapist listens and rounding up your buddies and fighting it out. AJ Smith lets his acting skills shine in this video by dodging, striking, and getting punched over and over again until he is a bloody mess revealing that anger only brings out the worst in people. The pop tune features cascading guitar strums and an infectious chorus that will have you springing up from your seat. The song is all about not taking yourself too seriously and always remaining humble, especially toward people you love. Feel the raw emotions AJ Smith pens in his song “Better” that anyone can relate to. 

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We’re delighted to team up with AJ Smith once again, and we’d be elated to see “Better” added to your programming and online presentations. Please get in touch to let us know how to make that happen or if you’d like us to send some AJ Smith merch for contests and giveaways. You can reach out to info@HIPVideoPromo.com or 732-613-1779 for more info, or check out AJSmithMusic.com to learn more about AJ.

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