Albert Cummings “Meet The Man”

Albert Cummings
“Meet The Man”
Directed by Nick Spanos
Ivy Music Company
Add date – 5/20/2022

About Albert Cummings

Incredible achievements can be a lifetime in the making. Albert Cummings’s decade-spanning music career is in full gear with the highly anticipated release of his tenth album. His music has captured the hearts of music fans across the globe, and it’s easy to see why. The soloist takes fans on a joyride through the multifaceted genre of blues music, with hints of country flair, cascading guitar plucks of rock and roll, and infectious tunes of pop. Albert Cummings’s ability to push forward through challenging times and spin his experiences into lyrical honesty make him a captivating listen. He’s even caught the attention of American legends like Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, and B.B. King. Now ready to forge his name amongst the greats, Albert Cummings delivers “Meet the Man” to showcase his talents across the globe. 

About the video

Albert Cummings has an impeccable method of crafting songs that tug at the heartstrings. In “Meet the Man,” he pens a melancholic song about facing death and the mystery of the afterlife. The song offers a wave of relief as Albert Cummings’ voice takes us on an introspective journey of life’s most difficult questions. The stunning music video presents the artist in a magnificent way, standing proud under the spotlight with the endless darkness surrounding him. It’s tastefully artistic, which allows the listeners to focus on what Albert Cummings has to say. Wash away into the unknown in the track “Meet the Man.”

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