Alicia G “You’re My Favorite Holiday”

Alicia G
“You’re My Favorite Holiday”
Directed by No Apology Productions
Add date – 12/3/2021

What would the perfect holiday house look like? It wouldn’t be that big — Santa prefers modesty and likes to visit cottages in the woods. Naturally, it would be covered with the most comfortable-looking blanket of powdery snow. Inside, there’d be tall Christmas trees decorated with sparkling ornaments and presents, wrapped and tied up in bows, waiting for happy recipients. A strict color palette would be meticulously (and traditionally) maintained: winter whites, pine greens, fire-truck reds, and sparkling silver and gold. The lighting would be soft, the mood would be celebratory, and the sense of promise would be palpable.

Well, you don’t have to imagine it, because Alicia G is gift-wrapping it and giving it to you with a smile. The Buffalo pop artist and DJ embodies the Christmas spirit in the gorgeous clip for “You’re My Favorite Holiday,” her latest single. She’s the host and homeowner, and she’s opening the door, emphatically, on the year’s most festive season.

About Alicia G

We know what you’re thinking. Alicia G, fiery singer-rapper, defender of the posteriors of thin women in the unforgettable, irresistible 2019 trap-pop hit “It’s Little But It Jiggles” (1M+ views!) — is this really the person best suited to bring the holiday cheer? We say: yes, she is. True fans of Alicia G know that she brought us into a candy-coated wonderland this summer in her rainbow-fresh clip for the dance track “Frost Me Up.” “You’re My Favorite Holiday” extends that same sense of total immersion and sweeping fantasy to the Christmas season. While many of her prior recordings slam hard, this one is all sweetness. It’s jazzy and warm, adorned with a melody as pretty as a Christmas garland, and performed with the easy grace of a figure skater on a frozen lake.

About the video

The clip keeps the star front and center, and no matter how much the tinsel sparkles on the tree, Alicia shines brighter. She’s accompanied by a menagerie of plush toys, including a flock of penguins and a big, grinning Grinch, who is lucky enough to get a kiss. Alicia G wraps herself up in a swan-white anorak for the outdoor scenes and saves her warmest flannel shirt for her tree-trimming activities. And when she puts on her best and most elegant pink party dress and twirls beneath giant candy canes and wreaths adorned with fairy lights, she reminds us that “You’re My Favorite Holiday” is, like so many Christmas standards, a sincere message to a favorite lover.

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