Amanda Holley “Ride Or Die”

Amanda Holley
“Ride Or Die”
Directed by Amanda Holley and Mikey Piliero
Add date – 8/18/2023

About Amanda Holley

Born in Newark, the destiny-driven pop/R&B diva Amanda Holley is ready to step into the limelight. With music in her DNA, Amanda displayed an early prowess for her music and performance. After singing before she could speak, and teaching herself to play violin, followed by piano, she soon discovered what would become her powerhouse five-octave vocal range. With a skilled capacity for both her song writing and voice doing everything from crooning to ballads to belting and beyond, it’s no surprise the success Holley has seen at this early stage in her career. Amanda’s accolades include performing the title track to the motion picture Sharon 123; performing at Carnegie Hall, Birdland, Highline Ballroom, and The United Nations; opening Fashion Week for over five seasons; and boasting a wide, ever-growing following on Instagram. At her heart, this musically curious creative, is seeking expression through the medium she knows best. The gifted songwriter and performer is growing into the next big thing, and we all get to share in her rise to superstardom. Be sure to catch Amanda in upcoming performances around the country in anticipation of more big releases from this rising star.

About the “RIDE OR DIE” video

Amanda Holley’s latest single, “RIDE OR DIE,” from the upcoming The HolleyGraphic EP, was written for you and your boo on a late-night cruise. The song was released in April and has reached over 100,000 streams, with features on The Hype Magazine, iHeartRadio shows, and over 100 Spotify playlists – some of which have over 100,000 listeners! Clout Magazine said, “Unconditional love has never felt more sexy and enticing than on this release”, Music Arena GH compared her singing to Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, and The Fox Magazine praised her “5-octave range & sultry powerhouse vocals.” Amanda co-wrote the song in collaboration with XXL Freshman Class Producer OhKayLaws (Korey Laws), renowned Grammy-nominated producer/songwriter/musician Chico Bennett (Lady Gaga, Madonna, Prince, Destiny’s Child, Usher), the prolific Avery K. Wilson, and emerging songwriter Alisha Harris. Sensuous and catchy as any of today’s best pop hits, Holley delivers the full package with her earworm lyrics and expressive riffs.

Over a low-key, retro beat produced by OHKAY LAWS, Holley develops a seemingly endless evolution of her memorable melody. A perfect song for cruising coastlines and hillsides with your bae, “RIDE OR DIE” will help carry your summer fling mellifluously into the fall. About the song, she says, “In our crazy world, now more than ever we need more unconditional love, more soul, and more courage to be there for those we care about. This song came from the depths of my feelings and desire to be in a ‘Ride or Die’ kind of love and to be there for music and my listeners through all the ups and downs.”

Sink deeper in love with Amanda Holley’s “RIDE OR DIE” with the enticing music video for this steamy song. Shot by cinematographer and co-director Mikey Piliero in her newly adopted home of Los Angeles, the video follows Amanda and her man (played by budding actor Tyree Meeks) cruising from the city out into the mountains. Riding in a Cadillac provided by Hollywood rental cars, Amanda is fully embracing the adventure of romance. Complete with TikTok-ready choreography (choreography by Jesse Le @JMOVM3MENT; performed by Jesse Le, Brian Oliver, and Patrick Roseborough) and stellar cinematography of California’s beauty, this video is ripe to rack up some views and catch traction on a cultural level. “RIDE OR DIE” is a prime inspiration for a perfect romantic getaway.  

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