Amy Lynn & The Gunshow “West Village Blues”

Amy Lynn & The GunshowArtist:
Brian Robinson
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June 12, 2014


When someone says “New York, I love you but you’re bringing me down,” any true New Yorker can relate. It’s a unique and wildly diverse metropolis that has everything you would ever desire in a city. It is also home to over 8 million people, more than enough to really get under your skin on any given day. And also plenty of people to potentially break your heart and change how you view a once-loved neighborhood. In their new single for “West Village Blues,” Amy Lynn & The Gunshow bring us a personal reflection, good and bad, at the historic neighborhood nestled between Hudson and Sixth Avenue, and 14th and Houston.

With their last video for “Don’t Trip On The Glitter” Amy Lynn & The Gunshow unapologetically cut the dead weight and kicked the trash out to curb. But Amy Lynn isn’t just all muscle and mayhem, and in “West Village Blues” she shows her more contemplative side. While rattling off the names of the landmarks of the neighborhood such as Leroy Street, Jones Street, tea at Manatus, or Magnolia Bakery, she shows an intimate familiarity and appreciation for the area. But she’s also singing about how this once magical place is now ruined for her, and the bittersweet reality that a love that once would find them sharing “a house on Jane” eventually only “found its defeat.”

The only real way to experience the full character of the West Village is to look at the delightfully different characters that make up the population, so Amy Lynn & The Gunshow and director Brian Robinson did exactly that. The video begins with Amy and saxophonist Alex Hamlin serenading each other on a bench, quickly incorporating passersby and local residents into the fold. Each couple passionately sing to each about their broken hearts and broken dreams in this picturesque enclave of of parks, brownstones, and boutique shops. It’s easy to see why anyone would fall in love with the West Village!

We’re super excited to bring you the newest video from the new full-length album, Don’t Trip On The Glitter (produced by Steve Greenwell). The video recently premiered on the OUT Magazine website, an appropriate spot considering the West Village’s proud history of LGBT culture and inclusion. You don’t want to miss this clip, so please let us know if there is anything at all we can do to get it into your programming. For more information on this great clip e-mail . You can also visit for more info.

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