Andon “Love Language”


“Love Language”
Directed by Steven Bernard
Add date – 6/23/2023

About Andon

Raised in Kingston, Jamaica and now located in Negril on the sunset side of the island, pop singer-songwriter Andon is breaking the mold for Jamaican musicians. A true global child of the 21st century, Andon absorbed a broad range of musical influences in his formative years. From belting the power ballads of Tori Kelly and Celine Dion to picking up fresh moves from music videos and Disney Channel, the Jamaican genre-breaker sets no limits to his artistry. And the world can’t help but notice; performing full-time in resorts around Negril, he’s a favorite of the tourists churning through—one of whom happened to become his manager upon hearing his smooth and skillful sound. Now, with an extensive catalog of radio-ready hits in his pocket, Andon is stepping out into deeper waters, poised to skyrocket into pop-performer stardom. Don’t miss out on this early stage of his incredible journey to come.

About the “Love Language” video

In typical Andon fashion, his new R&B single “Love Language” represents the artist’s seemingly effortless ability to adopt new genres. Over a cozy, flowing roll of guitar and percussion, Andon croons out the true longings of his heart. Impressively vulnerable, his lyrics express the desire to be seen and accepted fully in a relationship—not just appreciated for his talents, but supported through his shortcomings, too.

Directed by Andon’s long-time collaborator Steven Bernard, the “Love Language” music video brings the emotional journey to life. Stylized with lo-fi filters and saturated colors, the video follows Andon through the ups and downs of his search for someone to accept him fully. Casting his shadow on a projected reel of his memories, the video takes on a depth and forlorn reflection, hinting the relationship may already be in the past. With an already heart-wrenching, masterfully-crafted song, Bernard’s subtle and artful video offers countless more reasons to keep listening to Andon’s “Love Language.”

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We’re grateful to have the opportunity to work with Sean Anderson at Artekal Records and the irrepressible Andon to champion his brand new “Love Language” video. Thank you for considering it for your programming and online presentations! For more information or if you’d like us to send some Andon merch for contests and giveaways, reach out to the HIP Video Promo team at 732-613-1779 or Visit or follow @andonmusicofficial on Facebook, @andonmusic on Twitter or TikTok, or @bdonchin on Instagram.